CaptMench’s ProAppStuff videos
60i to 24P slowdown
Monday, July 17, 2006
Here is another way to slow footage down using Shake.
Sub-Frame Audio Editing
Monday, July 3, 2006
This tutorial is about how to change the audio inpoint within one frame.  You would use this to adjust the starting point so you would be able to sync video to second system audio precisely.
Multi Video Matte - FCP and Photoshop CS2
Saturday, April 8, 2006
Many people want to know how to put multiple videos up on a screen at the same time in FCP.  Well -- this takes it a step farther and let’s you have complete control over scaling and shape by using a black and white Matte you create in Photoshop.
Multi Filter Favorite Bin
Saturday, April 8, 2006
Creating a “look” often includes many filters at once.  Dragging each filter into a clip is a drag.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create a folder where you can stack filters together to create a complete look?
Well, you can.
Pleasantville Color Effect
Friday, March 10, 2006
Movies like Pleasantville and Schindler’s List used an effect of a single color showing in a black and white film.
This podcast shows you how to do this with basic color correction and final cut pro.
Multi aspect ratios
Friday, March 3, 2006
Many times the question of how to get 4:3 footage into a 16:9 sequence or 16:9 footage into a 4:3 sequence comes up.
This is a simple reminder and a few tips with what you can do with these odd aspect ratio clips that you cannot do in their native aspect sequences.
Time remap in FCP
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
FCP 4 was the first version that has time remap.  However it could be  . . .  well hard to understand.  Many people went back to AFX and other options.  Here is a better explanation of time remap in FCP.
Cutting to the Beat
Tuesday, February 28, 2006
In this tutorial I share my technique for cutting video to the beat of music.  Matte Colors, Markers, Blades, Close Quotes and Close Brackets.  Almost all you need.
Making a gunsight in FCP
Sunday, February 26, 2006
Someone on the Apple FCP forum asked how to make a gunsight in FCP.  This is easy to do in Photoshop, but making it just in FCP takes a few extra steps.  Well, after writing the whole thing out in the forum by hand, I decided to try my luck with a video tutorial.  This is the result.
CaptMench from ThreeBoy’s Productions has created a series of videos showing interesting effects and neat workflow ideas for FCP.
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